Nose & paranasal sinus

Inflammation of the sinuses

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, acute rhinitis (dry mucous membranes, sneezing)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, Acute rhinitis (white discharges, stuffy nose)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, Acute rhinitis (watery discharges, runny nose)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, chronic rhinitis (yellowish, purulent discharges)

Nasal polyps

Nosebleed, disposition to 2, alternatively 3

Olfactory disorder, nasal


Airway inflammation, initial stage

Hashimoto's Disease

Tonsils / throat, acute inflammation


Lung & airways

Cough, chronic with yellowish sputum ("smokers cough)

Cough, dry, spasmodic, paroxysmal (as "hot 7")

Cough, with lots of clear mucus

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