Dr Schuessler tissue salts indications and symptoms Glossary A-Z

Acne and acneiform eruptions, pimples and pustules are red-coloured,  purulent and swollen (forehead, neck, bosom)

Acne and acneiform eruptions, greasy /oily skin (can be wiped off)

Acne and acneiform, eruptions, hardened pustules

Acne and acneiform eruptions, skin with large pores, the whole, face appears bloated

Acne and acneiform eruptions, in women worse before / during menses

Airway inflammation, initial stage

Arthritis (acute)


Burning tongue with dry mouth

Back pain, after excessive exercise

Back pain, with muscle hardening

Back pain (lumbago)

Bechterew's disease supportive to basic treatment

Biliary colic, acute after having a fat-rich meal

Bed wetting

Bruise, contusion

Bone growing pains in children / adolescents

Bone growth, delayed

Bone fractures supporting the healing process


Breastfeeding, excessive milk production

Breastfeeding, too little milk production

Circulatory disorders, with cold hands and feet

Circulatory disorders of the ear (because of arteriosclerosis)


Cystitis (acute) with pain when urinating, small volume of urine

Cystitis (acute) incessant urge to urinate, crampy pains

Cystitis, chronic

Corns, hardened

Corns, with white scab

Corns, with yellowish top layer

Conjunctivitis, acute (reddish, swollen, painful)

Cuts, abrasions

Colic, crampy pains, undulating (as “hot 7”)

Constipation (on travel)

Constipation, stool slips back after pressing

Cough, chronic with yellowish sputum (“smokers cough)

Cough, dry, spasmodic, paroxysmal (as “hot 7”)

Cough, with lots of clear mucus

Dandruff, dry flaky scalp

Dry Lids, dry Eyes

Dental injuries (e.g. broken tooth)

Dental caries

Dry Lips (because of air conditioning or cold weather)


Diarrhea, accompanied by cramps

Diarrhea, foul-smelling

Diarrhea, watery and slimy

Diaper rash, foul-smelling stool

Diaper rash, skin is dry and chapped

Diaper rash, sour-smelling diarrhoea


Ear nodules

Eyes, red because of eyestrain

Eyelids, swollen 8. alternatively 12



Gastritis, with a white tongue coating

Gastritis, with nausea and vomiting

Gingivitis , bleeding easily

Glans penis, inflammation (balanitis)

Gum disease, paradentosis

Hair, brittle, split ends

Hair loss, diffuse, in various spots

Hair loss, localised

Headache (heavy) (as “hot 7”)

Headache  (worse in warm rooms, better in fresh air)

Headache, oppressive

Headache, shooting and stabbing

Headache with vomiting (watery liquids)





Hashimoto's Disease

Inflammation of the sinuses

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, acute rhinitis (dry mucous membranes, sneezing)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, acute rhinitis (white discharges, stuffy nose)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, acute rhinitis (watery discharges, runny nose)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, chronic rhinitis (yellowish, purulent discharges)

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, chronic rhinitis (yellowish, purulent discharges)

Insect bites

Joint ailments, pains aggravated by movement with paralyzing pain

Joint ailments, shooting pain, changes location

Joint ailments, with morning stiffness, initial pain on motion starting

Ligament and tendon weakness

Ligament and tendon injury, acute

Lips, blisters /cold sores (watery content)

Lips, blisters (yellowish content

Low blood pressure, dizziness

Mastitis, chronic (while breastfeeding)

Mastitis, initial stage (when breastfeeding)

Mastitis, recurring (while breastfeeding)

Meniere's disease

Menopausal symptoms (flushing, excessive sweating, sleeping disorders etc.)

Menstruation, painful (dysmenorrhea); lower abdominal cramping (as “hot 7”)

Menstruation, painful (dysmenorrhea); in pale, irritable women prone to weeping

Menstruation, painful (dysmenorrhea); with increased pulse and red face

Mouth, angular cheilitis

Mouth, angular cheilitis (inflamed, painful, swelling)

Mouth, dry

Muscle and nerve spasms

Muscle cramps

Muscle injury (muscle strain, torn muscle)

Muscle pain, after exercise

Muscle tightness

Muscle weakness, with general exhaustion

Nails, brittle

Nails, inflamed cuticles

Nails, irregular growth

Nasal polyps

Nosebleed, disposition to 2, alternatively 3


Olfactory disorder, nasal


Operations (to support the healing processes afterwards)

Pain in the kidneys

Palpitations, rapid heart beat (because of tension/ fear etc..), 7 (as “hot 7”), alternatively 5 disturbances

Prostate inflammation, in general

Prostate enlargement, with nocturnal urge to urinate, no pain

Sex drive, excessive

Sex drive, insufficient

Sagging skin

Skin, dry

Skin, itching (itching relieves the discomfort)

Skin, itching (in elderly)

Skin rash, with yellow scales

Skin rash, with white scales

Stretch marks

Sore feet with blisters

Sun allergy / Photodermatosis, inflamed skin (red, swollen, painful) with tendency to build brownish pigmentations on the skin

Sunburn, minor burn / scald

Sweat, excessive sweating in general and / or especially of hands and feet


Stomatitis (aphtha with swelling and pain)

Sudden deafness

Small and large intestine

Stomach ache, crampy pain

Spasm of the lids

Sty (chronic, with non-irritated compact node)

Sty(signs of acute inflammation, reddish and swollen node)

Sty (suppurating, with hardening and node formation)

Tendon degeneration (Dupuytren´s contraction)


Tennis elbow

Twitching of the eyelid 5, alternatively 7

Toothache, acute with inflammation of the gum

Tongue inflammation

Tonsils / throat, acute inflammation

Uterus prolapse without need for surgical intervention

Veins, varicose (incl. spider veins) without need for surgical intervention


Vomiting, sour smelling and tasting

Vomiting, during pregnancy

Vaginal discharge, white (like the white of egg)

Vaginal discharge, sharp and excoriating

Vaginal dryness

Weak immune system

Weather sensitivity

Weakening of the breast tissue

Wind, foul-smelling

Winds, after fat-rich meals

Warts, hardened


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