Hair, Skin and Nails


Hair, brittle, split ends

Hair loss, diffuse, in various spots

Hair loss, localised


Acne and acneiform eruptions, pimples and pustules are red-coloured, purulent and swollen (forehead, neck, bosom)

Acne and acneiform eruptions, greasy /oily skin (can be wiped off)

Acne and acneiform eruptions, hardened pustules

Acne and acneiform eruptions, skin with large pores, the whole face appears bloated

Acne and acneiform eruptions, in women worse before / during menses

Corns, hardened

Corns, with white scab

Corns, with yellowish top layer

Dandruff, dry flaky scalp

Diaper rash, foul-smelling stool

Diaper rash, skin is dry and chapped

Diaper rash, sour-smelling diarrhoea

Sagging skin

Skin, dry

Skin, itching (itching relieves the discomfort)

Skin, itching (in elderly)

Skin rash, with yellow scales

Skin rash, with white scales

Stretch marks

Sun allergy / Photodermatosis, inflamed skin (red, swollen, painful) with tendency to build brownish pigmentations on the skin

Sweat, excessive sweating in general and / or especially of hands and feet

Warts, hardened



Nails, brittle

Nails, inflamed cuticles

Nails, irregular growth

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